One of the two CH-47 Chinook Helicopters that were in our flight section, "Pipesmoke Recovery"

"Pipesmoke Recovery" recovered over 3500 aircraft during the time it spent in Vietnam. The flight crews for the CH-47's came from the 539th Transportation Co. The flight crews for the 6 UH-1H's came from the Direct Support companies within the 520th Transportation Bn.

The rear of the EM club on the left, maintenance and flight crew quarters on the right. The hangar and the allied shops in the background.

View of the hangar from atop the personnel bunker in the company quadrangle.

NOTE: Air Force H-3 or CH53 in the background.

View of the quadrangle and the mess hall from the shops hootches

View of the 539th Officers Club, from the personnel bunker in the company quadrangle. The club sat on top of a bunker that housed the company commo section / company TOC.

The 539th Enlisted Mans (EM) club. It was home away from home. The beer cans had rusty tops and a "church key" was required to open them, but the beer was cold and the air conditioner worked most of the time.

Tower 5, at the main gate. Day tower guard was the best duty in the 539th.

A good picture of the 520th Trans Battalion crest on the HHC Commander's jeep.

The 520th Trans Battalion crest could be found on almost everything, even on the 539th Trans Company Huey.

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